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  • Semana Santa, Holy Week in the Pueblo

    Semana Santa, Holy Week in the Pueblo

    Semana Santa, the week leading up to Pascua, Easter Sunday, is probably the most important holiday season of the religious year in Spain. In my pueblo the week is marked with various religious processions, for which Spain is well known. I went out on Viernes Santo, Good Friday, to try to capture a bit of…

  • Overnight Bicycle Tour

    Overnight Bicycle Tour

    Over this past winter I imagined an overnight bike tour in Andalucia — my destination the Caminito del Rey. The Caminito del Rey (the Kings little path) is an elevated walking path through a gorge near Ardales in Málaga province. It was built as a service path for workers on a nearby hydroelectric plant. I booked a night at a hotel…

  • Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    On a hill, on the edge of the pueblo there are two serpentine and undulating dirt race courses. The lower track is for motorcycles. It’s narrower and steeper and has large jumps. The upper track is for cars. Rally cars.

  • A Day in Malaga

    A Day in Malaga

    I live in a tiny Pueblo in Malaga Provence in the autonomous region of Andalucía in southern Spain. It’s a mouthful when I put it that way. My understanding is that the general administrative organization of the country starts at the top with the government in Madrid. Under that are a number of regions/autonomous regions.…

  • Baldosas de Terrazzo: Terrazzo Tile

    Baldosas de Terrazzo: Terrazzo Tile

    I know that I had seen Terrazzo before moving to Andalucía. It’s the material that the Hollywood walk of fame is made of. It’s a classic flooring material, and has roots in ancient Egyptian architecture, though according to Wikipedia it started its rise in popularity in 15th century Italy. According to Vox.com and Dwell.com, it…

  • Tres Hermanos de Flamenco

    Tres Hermanos de Flamenco

    Flamenco. Andalucia. Words that are nearly inseparable. The instantly recognizable notes emanating from a Flamenco guitar can transport nearly anyone, nearly anywhere, to a Spanish pueblo resplendent in whitewashed houses with brightly colored trim, with tile-work, gardens of brightly colored flora, and men and women reflexively dancing to the native sounds of this part of…

  • An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    Our little Pueblo is a place that constantly fires my imagination. I day dream about the countless generations who built this and the other Andalucían Pueblos stone by stone, and tile by tile. I took a little evening stroll the other day as the sun began its final encore and soaked in the end of…

  • Moving the Flock though Town

    Moving the Flock though Town

    In my small Pueblo Blanco in Andalucía the agrarian past is an ever-present part of the every day. Behind the colegio (elementary school) there is the town olive co-op where local growers bring their harvest for processing and packaging. Currently we are in the season for harvesting, so olives are everywhere. One particularly lovely aspect…

  • Fotografica by the Color: Wide Gamut

    Fotografica by the Color: Wide Gamut

    Probably like butterflies or other creatures, I am attracted to color. Bright color. Many colors. All together. Growing up I recall the daunting task of “matching” clothes to wear to school. This was done using some dark-art of pre-teen and teenage color theory that I only learned in glancing blows. I never understood the details.…

  • Doors of Andalucía

    Doors of Andalucía

    The gorgeous Pueblos Blancos of Southern Spain contain a multitude of stunning sights. Perhaps not the most obvious are the doors on homes and buildings. The front door of a home is a boundary between the public and the private. If left open these are an invitation. Closed, they send potential visitors away.

  • Pueblo at Sunset

    Pueblo at Sunset

    In Andalucía in Southern Spain, there are incredibly beautiful villages, Pueblos Blancos, filled with white painted buildings and homes in the mountains. Built over centuries, the location of the villages perched on mountainsides provided protection and security in extremely culturally divided times. Today they are vibrant and historic places where people live and work. They…