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  • Semana Santa, Holy Week in the Pueblo

    Semana Santa, Holy Week in the Pueblo

    Semana Santa, the week leading up to Pascua, Easter Sunday, is probably the most important holiday season of the religious year in Spain. In my pueblo the week is marked with various religious processions, for which Spain is well known. I went out on Viernes Santo, Good Friday, to try to capture a bit of…

  • Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    On a hill, on the edge of the pueblo there are two serpentine and undulating dirt race courses. The lower track is for motorcycles. It’s narrower and steeper and has large jumps. The upper track is for cars. Rally cars.

  • Tres Hermanos de Flamenco

    Tres Hermanos de Flamenco

    Flamenco. Andalucia. Words that are nearly inseparable. The instantly recognizable notes emanating from a Flamenco guitar can transport nearly anyone, nearly anywhere, to a Spanish pueblo resplendent in whitewashed houses with brightly colored trim, with tile-work, gardens of brightly colored flora, and men and women reflexively dancing to the native sounds of this part of…

  • Produce Stand

    Produce Stand

    While I lived in Astana, Kazakhstan the city was in a constant state of growth. Blink and a new block of high rise buildings was up. Leave for a week and a half and there may be no real way to know which way is home. Over the time I was there, I could see…

  • Kids: Joy and Dancing

    Kids: Joy and Dancing

    Kids can be such honest and straightforward people. Showing their joy, acting on feeling, sharing their thoughts and hopes.