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Contact me today at fotografica [at] umbrella-works [dot] com to discuss your project, pricing, and see how we can work together.

Documentary & Editorial 

  • Parades/Public Events: documentary style photography to capture the essence of any public event.
  • Concerts/Live Entertainment Events: capture the best of the action of your next event or live music performance.
  • Editorial Coverage: photos that illustrate the big idea.
  • And more!

Product & Advertising

  • Food and Drink for Restaurants and Boutiques: show off your creations!
  • Product photography for advertising and catalogs and websites: Photograph your products for your website or other promotional material.
  • Custom photography for advertising: Collaborate to create powerful and eye catching photography.
  • Portfolio creation for professionals: Architects, builders, crafts people, designers, artists of all types.
  • And more!

Travel & Architecture

  • Travel and Adventure Photography: document your next adventure, near or far.
  • Architecture and Interior Space: show off your home, business or favorite structures.
  • Decorative Detail: find the art in the details around your built environment
  • Fine Art Photography: Fine art photography available for purchase.
  • And more!