Moving the Flock though Town

In my small Pueblo Blanco in Andalucía the agrarian past is an ever-present part of the every day. Behind the colegio (elementary school) there is the town olive co-op where local growers bring their harvest for processing and packaging. Currently we are in the season for harvesting, so olives are everywhere.

One particularly lovely aspect of life here is the closeness of livestock. Residents have chickens, burros, and the local shepherds can be seen grazing their flocks on the town green.

The shepherds move their flock from pasture to pasture, and this past week at the bottom of the hill we live on the sheep have been walking by. From her desk my wife Anna can hear the the bells of the sheep as they trudge past our road. I have been excited to go out and get some photos of them, so yesterday Anna ran into my office to tell me that the sheep were near. I grabbed my camera, and off I went to follow the flock as they went down to the bottom of the hill, and crossed under the main road to their next destination.

Photos: The flock walks down the road with at least 4 dogs doing their job keeping the sheep in line. One dog at the front leads, while three in the back make sure all the stragglers get back in line.