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  • Baldosas de Terrazzo: Terrazzo Tile

    Baldosas de Terrazzo: Terrazzo Tile

    I know that I had seen Terrazzo before moving to Andalucía. It’s the material that the Hollywood walk of fame is made of. It’s a classic flooring material, and has roots in ancient Egyptian architecture, though according to Wikipedia it started its rise in popularity in 15th century Italy. According to and, it…

  • An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    Our little Pueblo is a place that constantly fires my imagination. I day dream about the countless generations who built this and the other Andalucían Pueblos stone by stone, and tile by tile. I took a little evening stroll the other day as the sun began its final encore and soaked in the end of…

  • Looking Up

    Looking Up

    A lot of my photography is an effort to record what it is that I see. I love to look at the world around me. People, and their interactions with their environments, objects in space, landscapes that go on and on. And I like to look up and see what my normally busy self is…

  • Moving the Flock though Town

    Moving the Flock though Town

    In my small Pueblo Blanco in Andalucía the agrarian past is an ever-present part of the every day. Behind the colegio (elementary school) there is the town olive co-op where local growers bring their harvest for processing and packaging. Currently we are in the season for harvesting, so olives are everywhere. One particularly lovely aspect…

  • Cars at Rest

    Cars at Rest

    I estimate that cars are some of the most highly designed objects that many of us deal with on a daily basis. For some they can be sculptural masterpieces, and others they are a blight on the urban environment. Clearly they are ever present in the modern world. Cars by their nature move through space…

  • Doors of Andalucía

    Doors of Andalucía

    The gorgeous Pueblos Blancos of Southern Spain contain a multitude of stunning sights. Perhaps not the most obvious are the doors on homes and buildings. The front door of a home is a boundary between the public and the private. If left open these are an invitation. Closed, they send potential visitors away.