Tres Hermanos de Flamenco

Flamenco. Andalucia. Words that are nearly inseparable. The instantly recognizable notes emanating from a Flamenco guitar can transport nearly anyone, nearly anywhere, to a Spanish pueblo resplendent in whitewashed houses with brightly colored trim, with tile-work, gardens of brightly colored flora, and men and women reflexively dancing to the native sounds of this part of the world.

In Alozaina, a tiny pueblo of 2000 people there is a as of yet unnamed threesome who play their colorful music at nearly all of the local events, and now have a standing Wednesday venue at a local restaurant. The band consists of Carlos and Paul on guitar, and Fuat keeping time on percussion.

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I had the opportunity to walk around the pueblo with them and make some photographs. It was a great time. I got to practice my Spanish, and hang out with some really cool and interesting caballeros. The following day the band performed their standing Wednesday 8pm show at El Jardin restaurant in town. They played a wide range of music, from traditional regional songs, through contemporary Spanish music as well as hits from the Beatles and others.

Walking around the streets of the Pueblo, we stopped to play and make some images.