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  • Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    On a hill, on the edge of the pueblo there are two serpentine and undulating dirt race courses. The lower track is for motorcycles. It’s narrower and steeper and has large jumps. The upper track is for cars. Rally cars.

  • An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    An Evening Stroll through the Pueblo

    Our little Pueblo is a place that constantly fires my imagination. I day dream about the countless generations who built this and the other Andalucían Pueblos stone by stone, and tile by tile. I took a little evening stroll the other day as the sun began its final encore and soaked in the end of…

  • Dolomite Mountains to Venice

    Dolomite Mountains to Venice

    From the age of four until I finally got a drivers license and regular access to a car some 13 years later, bicycles were a huge part of my life. The demands of teenage/twenty-something living put the bicycle out of my mind for the most part for many years. As an adult I picked up…

  • Cars at Rest

    Cars at Rest

    I estimate that cars are some of the most highly designed objects that many of us deal with on a daily basis. For some they can be sculptural masterpieces, and others they are a blight on the urban environment. Clearly they are ever present in the modern world. Cars by their nature move through space…

  • Fotografica by the Color: Teal

    Fotografica by the Color: Teal

    Color as theme; teal. In my little pueblo in Andalucía, in the height of the midday sun and among the bleached white buildings, the color teal leaps toward the camera.