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  • Astana Grand Mosque

    Astana Grand Mosque

    I lived for 8 years in Astana, Kazakhstan. It is the rapidly growing capital of the largest country in Central Asia. The country is situated south of Russia, and west of China, although significantly smaller than either of those neighbors, remains as one of the top 10 largest countries in the world. Astana, meaning “capital”…

  • Overnight Bicycle Tour

    Overnight Bicycle Tour

    Over this past winter I imagined an overnight bike tour in Andalucia — my destination the Caminito del Rey. The Caminito del Rey (the Kings little path) is an elevated walking path through a gorge near Ardales in Málaga province. It was built as a service path for workers on a nearby hydroelectric plant. I booked a night at a hotel…

  • Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    Alozaina Rally Car Racing

    On a hill, on the edge of the pueblo there are two serpentine and undulating dirt race courses. The lower track is for motorcycles. It’s narrower and steeper and has large jumps. The upper track is for cars. Rally cars.

  • A Day in Malaga

    A Day in Malaga

    I live in a tiny Pueblo in Malaga Provence in the autonomous region of Andalucía in southern Spain. It’s a mouthful when I put it that way. My understanding is that the general administrative organization of the country starts at the top with the government in Madrid. Under that are a number of regions/autonomous regions.…

  • Dolomite Mountains to Venice

    Dolomite Mountains to Venice

    From the age of four until I finally got a drivers license and regular access to a car some 13 years later, bicycles were a huge part of my life. The demands of teenage/twenty-something living put the bicycle out of my mind for the most part for many years. As an adult I picked up…

  • Fotografica by the Color: Teal

    Fotografica by the Color: Teal

    Color as theme; teal. In my little pueblo in Andalucía, in the height of the midday sun and among the bleached white buildings, the color teal leaps toward the camera.